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Web Camera

Web Camera is a gh-element that allows user to use their web cameras in the application. This element also has the function of taking photos from users cameras. The resolution and quality of photos can be adjusted in element settings.

Functional Characteristics

Web Camera can be used as an instrument for authentication or registration in your application. That is, to be able to take pictures on the spot to know your customers by sight. The camera is also used to register the arrival of employees to work by taking photos in a certain application.

Value Format

This element does not have any value.

Element Options

This element has only one group of configuring settings.

Field Settings

Field settings contains two standard options and a set of unique settings.

Settings of web camera field

Name Description
Multiple value allows to save multiple images made in the current element; details...
Quality Level allows to select the quality of the image; details...
Image recording field allows to select the field where the taken images will be saved; details...
Output image width allows to select the width of the taken image; details...

Multiple Value

The current setting allows to take the multiple photos. If this function is off, the new photo will replace an old one. Otherwise, all taken photos will be saved in the multiple image field.

Quality Level

The quality of the resulting picture depends on this setting. There is a slider, thanks to which you can choose absolutely any value of quality.

Image Recording Field

This is the setting where you have to select the field where the taken images will be saved.

Output Image Width

Use this option to select the width of the captured photo. Its height will be adjusted automatically. That is, this setting allows you to scale the resulting photo.

Element Style

The style of this element can be customized with standard settings. In addition, it has two standard types of interpretation.

Style of web camera element

General Settings

There are two extra settings in this group which allows to adjust the resolution of the camera in the certain interpretation type.

The taken photos will have the same resolution.

General settings of web camera style

Name Description
Width allows to set the width of web camera element; details...
Height allows to set the height of web camera element; details...


The current setting allows you to enter the width of the displaying field.


This is the function that determines the height of the camera.

Data Model

The data model of the current element contains the values of main element settings:

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "output_img_height": 720,
        "output_img_width": 1280,
        "quality": 100
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all of interpretation types
output_img_height number contains the height of image of web camera
output_img_width number contains the width of image of web camera
quality number contains quality of image


The web camera can not be filtered out.


The web camera has only two types of interpretations.

Types of web camera interpretation


This type of interpretation allows the user to display an image from the user's webcam.


This type of interpretation displays the element as an icon.