Text is one of the most simple gh-elements in GudHub. It has a string type. Despite of its simplicity, text has different properties.

In this chapter we will look at this type and all its features in detail.

Functional Characteristics

This element is used for short text, such as a name or title.

Value Format

A text value is a set of different characters in string format.

    "field_value": "abcDEF 123 -#@%_=+😁"

Element Options

This gh-element has a few unique options in Field Settings and Default Value Settings

Field Settings

This group of settings consists of standard Field Name and Name Space, and addition ones.

Text field settings

Name Description
Multiple value allows to add multiple values to the field; details...
Use Autocomplete allows to take values from fields of another items; details...
Show emoji button allows to add emojis to the text; details...

Multiple value

This option allows the text field to accept multiple values. If it is off, the value can only be single.

Use Autocomplete

This option creates a list of already existed values and allows to select one of them for other items.

Show Emoji Button

This function allows to add the button after clicking on which the emoji picker will open. Due to it user can add any emoji to his/her text.

Emoji picker for text element

Default Value Settings

This group of settings will help you to add and update the default value.

Text default value settings

Name Description
Use default value allows to use default value
Default value allows to enter default value; appears when Use default value is on; details...
Min digits count allows to configure the minimum number of signs; details...

Default value

The default value of the text element is simple text. It can be used either as a single value or as a multiple.

Min digits count

With the help of this option, you can set the minimum number of signs in the text field.

Element Style

In case with style, text element has only standard settings. They are described in Setting Overview and about Interpretation type you can read below.

Text element style

Data Model

The text data model looks like this:

    "data_model": {
        "default_field_value": "default text value",
        "interpretation": [],
        "min_digits_count": -1,
        "multiple_value": 1,
        "use_default_value": 1,
Name Type Description
default_field_value string contains entered default value
interpretation array contains all interpretations of the text element
min_digits_count number shows the minimum number of characters that should be entered in the field
multiple_value boolean shows whether the text element accepts multiple values
use_default_value boolean shows whether the default value is used or not


Like most other types of data, text can be filtrated. The filters that accept it:


The text element has the same interpretation types in different source places.

Text interpretation types

Even for multiple values interpretations will be the same, just the default multiple value has a bit different displaying.

Interpretation types of the multiple text element


The default value of the text interpretation type is editable text.

Plain Text

This type of text interpretation makes the text uneditable.


The last type allows to display the value of the element.