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Phone is a gh-element that contains phone numbers in text format and custom options.

Functional Characteristics

This element is used for entering phone number in right format, with or without country code and extension. So, it is useful for saving contacts of different people, services, etc.

Value Format

Phone value has a string type, but specifically phone number is a number without brackets and dashes. In case with multiple values, numbers are separated with commas.

    "field_value": "98890977587,780.67979790.7878"

Full phone number has points between country code and extension. Country code is placed before number, and extension after.

Element Options

This gh-element has just a few options. In addition, it does not have default values.

Field Settings

In addition to the standard options, this group contains those that complement the phone number.

Field settings of the phone element

Name Description
Country code allows to add country code to the value; details...
Extension allows to add extension to the value; details...
Multiple allows to enter multiple values; details...

Country code

This is the option that allows to add a country code before number. The maximum number of digits in it is four. Even if a country code is used, the user may not enter it.


Extension allows you to add an extension code field to the element. Also note that if the user did not enter a phone number in the field, the extension code will not be saved.


This function allows to make field value multiple. It works whether or not the country code and extension code are enabled.

Element Style

Apart from interpretation type, about that you can read below, this element has all general settings of style.

Element Style of the phone

Data Model

The phone has a fairly simple data model and not large number of options:

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "multiple": 1,
        "show_country_code": 1,
        "show_extension": 1
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all interpretation types of the phone element
multiple boolean allows to add multiple values
show_country_code boolean allows to add country code to the value
show_extension boolean allows to add extension to the value


Phone elements can be filtered with the using a variety of filters:


Whether it’s multiple or not, the phone element has tree interpretation types.

Types of the phone interpretation


The default interpretation type of phone elements allows to edit field value.


This type displays the icon instead of field value and does not allows to edit field.

Plain Text

Unlike the previous one, this type of interpretation displays the value of the field, but does not allow you to edit it too.


This type of interpretation displays the raw value of the field.