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Radio Icon

Radio Icon is a gh-element that allows to set the value options and select one of them in application. These options are displayed as color icons.

Functional Characteristics

This element can be used to label elements, divide them into categories and give them different statuses. This also allows you to make useful filter tabs for different items or separate items by column in items such as task board.

Value Format

As a value, the radio button contains the ID of the selected option.

    "field_value": "5"

Element Options

The radio button options are divided into three groups.

Field Settings

Besides standard settings like Field Name and Name Space, this group includes only one extra one:

Settings of radio icon field

Name Description
Multiple value allows to select the multiple value

Multiple value

The multiple value for a radio icon means that the user can select as many icons for as many values as he wants.

Option Settings

Settings of radio icon options

Name Description
Name allows to enter the name of the field; detail...
Icon allows to select the icon of the option; detail...
Color allows to select the color of the icon; detail...
Edit contains two buttons for editing and deleting the option; detail...


This is the name of radio icon option that is used for filtration. In some interpretations, it is displayed below the icon or by itself.


The icon of the element option is the main feature of radio icon. You can choose it from the full list of icons.


This setting allows to open the color picker and select the color of the icon.


This is the column tha contains buttons for editing and deleting option.

Default Value Settings

As you might have guessed from the title, these settings are responsible for configuring the default values.

Settings of radio icon default value

Name Description
Use default value allows to use default value
Default value allows to select the default value

Use Default Value

This setting allows you to use the default value.

Default Value

The default value of the radio icon is one of its icon which was selected in settings.

Element Style

The style of radio icon element has not only standard options but also a few additional. Read Setting Overview for introduction the standard options. The radio icon interpretation is described below.

Style of radio icon element

General Settings

There are extra options for radio icon style. They allows to configure icon size and format.

General settings of radio icon style

Name Description
Image Type allows to select the type of icon image; detail...
Icon Size(px) allows to set the icons size; detail...

Image Type

This option allows to image type of icon. It has two possible values: SVG and Canvas.

Icon Size(px)

This option allows to enter the size of the icons in pixels.

Data Model

The most part of the element data model is taken up by options and their properties.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "multiple_value": 0,
        "options": [{
            "color": "#18a9e8",
            "icon": "invoices",
            "name": "Case 1",
            "value": 0
        "use_default_value": false
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all interpretation types of the element
multiple_value boolean shows whether the element accepts the multiple values
options array contains all value options and their properties
color string contains he hex code of the selected icon color
icon string contains the name of icon image
name string contains the name of the option
value number contains the option ID
use_default_value boolean shows whether the default value is used or not


The element could be filtered out by the option name.


This element has lots of interpretation types. Most of them has icons.

Types of radio icon interpretation

Input With Name

Displays the value options as an icon with the name below.

Input With Icon

This interpretation type allows to display the element options as different icons.


Allows to display the value options as an icon with the name below and makes them uneditable.

Icon One

Displays the icon of the selected value and does not allows to edit it.


Allows you to display the name of the selected value only.


The last type displays the selected field value.