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Item Remote Update

Remote Element Update is a gh element that allows the user to update the selected field with a reference to the current element. It is designed to update the Item Reference field, namely to replace the current value with a reference to the element in which the gh-element is located.

Functional Characteristic

This element can be used in conjunction with the Item Remote Add, which allows you to add items that are already linked to other items. The current gh-element allows users to remotely change a reference in the certain field. For example, if an Item Reference is used to specify the task performer, you can change the reference from the performer item.

Value Format

This element does not contains any value.

Element Options

Item Remote Update has two blocks of settings.

Field And Destination Reference Settings

As usual, the first block contains standard Field Settings and Destination Reference Settings, which consists of various additional settings.

Settings of item remote update field and destination reference

Name Description
Select first matched on Enter allows you to enable the selection of the corresponding item by pressing the Enter key; details...
Show thumbnail allows to show selected thumbnails in the drop-down list of items; details...
Autoselect by allows you to select unique items without clicking on them; details...

Select First Matched On Enter

This is a function that allows you to enable the selection by pressing the Enter key. When the user enters the product name, he can select the first matching product by pressing the Enter key.

Show Thumbnail

This is the simple to understand function. It allows you to show or hide image thumbnails in the drop-down list.

Autoselect By

Due to this setting, if the product is the last one left, it will be automatically selected. It can focus on items with unique title or subtitle. The setting allows you to select:

  • Title field
  • Subtitle field

The second set of settings configures the drop-down list of items and the destination field to be updated.

Settings of item remote update dropdown

Name Description
Application allows to select the application where the item reference will be changed; details...
Thumbnail allows to select the field from which images for thumbnails will be taken; details...
Destination allows to select the field in which the value will be changed; details...
Title allows to select the fields from which the titles of the list items will be taken; details...
Subtitle allows to select the fields whose values will be used as subtitles to the list items; details...
Filter allows to filter for which elements these settings will be used; details...
Edit allows to edit or delete the option; details...


This is the application in which the link to the product will be updated and from which the data for the following settings will be taken.


This setting allows you to select the field from which thumbnail images will be taken. This option is mandatory, but whether thumbnails will be displayed in the list or not depends on Show Thumbnail setting.


This is the setting where you have to select the field where the reference of the current item will be saved. More precisely, its value will be updated. This allows you to change the value of the Item Reference remotely.


This function allows you to select multiple source fields from a previously selected application. The values of these fields will be used as the titles of the drop-down list items.


The current setting is almost no different from the previous one. But the values of these fields are used as subtitles of the items in the drop-down list.


This function allows you to configure which elements the current option will be applied to.To do this, you add various filters.


This setting consists of two buttons for editing and deleting the option.

Element Style

This is not the element that has a large number of style settings. There is only a standard set of settings with one additional. And, of course, it has its own types of interpretations.

Style of item remote update element

General Settings

The general style settings contain that single additional option.

General settings of item remote update style

Name Description
Input Width allows you to enter the width of the input field

Input Width

This option allows you to configure the width of this input field. Enter any value here to change the width of the element.

Data Model

The current element has the following data model:

    "data_model": {
        "autoselect_by": "title",
        "interpretation": [],
        "select_first_matched_option": 1,
        "selected_apps": [{
            "app_id": "298650",
            "destination_field_ids": "699427",
            "filters_list": [],
            "subtitle_field_ids": "697431,697430",
            "thumbnail_field_id": "697435",
            "title_field_ids": "697436,697435"
        "show_tubnail": 1
Name Type Description
autoselect_by string contains the type of value by which the autoselection will be performed
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
select_first_matched_option boolean shows whether user can select the first found item by pressing the Enter key
selected_apps array contains all drop-down settings
app_id string contains ID of the selected application
destination_field_ids string contains ID of the field in which the value will be updated
filters_list array contains all filters applied to the drop-down list item
subtitle_field_ids string contains all IDs of fields from which subtitles are taken
thumbnail_field_id string contains ID of the field from which images for thumbnails are taken
title_field_ids string contains all IDs of header source fields
show_tubnail boolean shows whether thumbnails are displayed or not


This element cannot be filtered out.


This gh-element has only one type of interpretation, which displays an input field and a customized drop-down list.

Types of item remote update interpretation