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View Container

View Container is a gh-element that allow to display any views in the current one. The number of views that can be displayed in container is unlimited. The switching between these views is provided by other gh-element called view tab.

Functional Characteristics

Views in container can be changed depends of some conditions. So you can customize the form so that it adjusts to the previous fields. The form will change depending on the values of the corresponding fields.

There is another use case. Create a separate application for the data you want to share. Use a view container to display the necessary views from another application in it. This is useful for present up-to-date schedules to the customer or task board for employees.

Value Format

This element has no field values.

Element Options

The element options consists of three groups of settings. Each of them is responsible for different functions.

Field Settings

The field settings of the view container are consists of only standard options. So, you can read about them in Setting Overview.

Settings of view container element

Default Value Settings

This settings allows to select the source application and the default view.

Settings of view container default value

Name Description
Application allows to select the source application; details...
View name allows to select the default view; details...


This is the application from which the views will be taken.

View name

This is the selected view from the source application that will be used as a default view.

Cases Settings

This table allows to select views which will be displayed in container. Since view tab is responsible for switching between views, the views cases have to be in the same order as the tabs.

Settings of view container cases

Name Description
View name allows to select the view for displaying in container; details...
Filter allows to add filters for views; details...
Edit allows to update or delete the view case

Case view name

This option allows to select the view for the case.


This feature allows you to configure in which cases the view will be displayed.

Element Style

Style of this element can be configured with the help of standard options. They are described in article called Setting Overview. As for interpretation, you can read about it below.

Style of view container element

Data Model

The view container contains all views IDs and their filters, element settings and all interpretation types.

    "data_model": {
        "app_id": "28697",
        "interpretation": [],
        "option": [{
            "filters_list": [],
            "view_id": "1525000"
        "use_default_value": false,
        "view_id": "1524719"
Name Type Description
app_id string contains ID of the source application
interpretation array contains all interpretation types
option array contains all views for displaying in container
filters_list array contains all filters which are applied to the view
view_id string contains ID of the view for displaying in container
use_default_value boolean allows to use default value
view_id string contains ID of the default view


There are no filters designed to filter the view container.


The view container has only two interpretation types.

Types of view container interpretation


The first interpretation allows the element to be displayed as a full container with all item fields.


Allows to display the only icon instead of views.