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String Join

String Join is a gh-element that allows you to join values of different fields and the entered value into one string.

Functional Characteristics

This element is used to concatenate selected fields. For example, when the user enters his or her first and last name separately in different fields, this element will join them into one line. The String join element is very similar to the text element, so it can be used in the same ways.

Value Format

The string join does not contain any value until the Persistent Value option is disabled.

    "field_value": "Hello World"

Element Options

String join has two groups of settings. One of them configures its value and the second one configures the element.

Field Settings

This is the main settings group. It allows you to customize the field and contains standard and advanced options.

Settings of string join field

Name Description
Persistent value allows to save the generated value; details...
One time generation allows you to generate a value only once; details...

Persistent Value

As long as this function is not enabled, the join string does not save the generated value. So, it allows to save value in the field.

One Time Generation

This function allows you to fix the first generated value and display it in the application. This value can only be updated with the Update Button.

Expression Generator

The last group allows you to make an expression that join strings.

Generator of the string join value

Name Description
Field allows to select the field from which the value will be selected; details...
Word allows to enter the text in settings; details...
ID allows to select the certain ID; details...
+ allows to concatenate all elements of expression; details...
Clear allows to clear the full expression; details...
< allows you to select only one sign of the expression; details...


This button allows to take the field whose value will be used in the expression. It also allows you to configure which part and how many characters of a given value are used.

Configuring the source field


This button opens a popup window in which you can enter your own value to be used in the expression.

Entering window


This is the button that allows to select one of four values.

ID configuring popup window

  • Index number of item
  • Current year
  • Current month
  • Current day of month


The concatenation button allows to enter the plus sign and connect all the parts of the expression.


This button allows to clear the full expression.

Clear Element

This button allows to clear one element of sign. It has '<' as a name.

Element Style

The string join element has quite standard set of style settings and only one interpretation type. The only additional setting is located in general group of settings.

Style of string join element

General Settings

Almost all style settings are set by default instead of the only one.

General settings of string join style

Name Description
Update button allows to add the updating button

Update Button

This is the button that allows you to update the value when One Time Generation is enabled.

Data Model

The data model of this element contains all its settings, including configuration options.

    "data_model": {
        "arguments": [{
            "word": "Hello World"
            "app_id": "28752",
            "field_id": "679043",
            "field_settings": {
                "count": 2,
                "display": "first_characters",
                "name": "first characters"
            "type": "Current day of month"
        "expression": "WORD()+FIELD_STRING()+ITEM_INDEX()",
        "interpretation": [],
        "is_generate_once": 0,
        "is_persistent_value": 0,
        "tooltip": {
            "filter_valuesArray": ["string_join", "string_join"],
            "settings_file_id": "30233"
Name Type Description
arguments array contains all the connection generation settings
word string contains the entered text
app_id string contains ID of the source application
field_id string contains ID of the source field
field_settings object contains additional string settings
count number contains number of sign that will be displayed for joining
display string shows which part of the selected field value
name string contains the name of the selected part
type string contains type of ID
expression string contains the final expression by which the value will be joined
interpretation array contains all interpretation types and their settings
is_generate_once boolean show whether the One Time Generation is used or not
is_persistent_value boolean shows whether the generated value will be saved or not
tooltip object contains tooltip settings
filter_valuesArray array contains all value filters
settings_file_id string contains ID of the file with the tooltip text


This element can be filtered using filters that compare strings:


The current element has only two interpretation types.

Types of string join interpretation


The default interpretation allows to display the result of the join.


The last interpretation displays the raw value of the field.