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Timeline is a gh-element that allows to track application updated and updates of selected fields. This element also allows users to chat in created apps.

Functional Characteristics

This element has two simple goals: tracking product changes and communication between users. It allows you to create a mini-chat, which greatly facilitates communication.

Value Format

This is one of elements that do not contains field value.

Element Options

The element settings are divided into two groups which are closely related to each other.

Field Settings

The first group is Field Settings. It contains the default settings and an additional one, on which the next group depends.

Settings of timeline field

Name Description
Application allows to select the source application


This is the application whose updates will be displayed in the timeline.

Display Fields

This table is empty until you select the source application. All fields of the application are displayed here.

Display settings of timeline fields

Name Description
Field contains names of all application fields
Show allows to show or hide the field


This is the column of field names from the source application.


This function allows to configure which fields updates will be displayed in the timeline.

Element Style

The timeline is like most other gh-elements have only standard options to configure its style. Another thing is interpretation. The element has a few unique types of it.

Style of timeline element

Data Model

The data model of web camera contains all element settings:

    "data_model": {
        "app_id": "28752",
        "interpretation": [],
        "table_settings": {
            "columns_to_view": [{
                "field_id": 678838,
                "show": 1
Name Type Description
app_id string contains ID of the application
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
table_settings object contains all table settings
columns_to_view array contains all fields properties
field_id number contains ID of the application field
show boolean shows whether the updates of the current field will be displayed in the timeline


The element can be filtered out using these filters:


The current element has only two types of interpretation:

Types of timeline interpretations

Input With Name

This is a convenient type of interpretation that allows you to display all app updates and to chat.


This type allows the element to be displayed as an icon.