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GPS Coords

GPS Coords is an element that constitutes geographical coordinates in a string. Due to it you can use maps in you application.

It is a quite difficult gh-element. Mostly because of its options that will talk about in this chapter.

Functional Characteristics

GPS coordinates are used in google map to locate the item on the map. It can also use text items to determine location coordinates.

Value Format

As mentioned above, GPS coors value is geographical coordinates that are contained as a string.

    "field_value": "40.7127753:-74.0059728"

First number is latitude, the second one is longitude. They are separated by a colon.

In most of interpretation types, you can enter an address in text format. Then it will be converted in coordinates.

Element Options

GPS coords has lots of different options but does not have default values.

Field Settings

The GPS coords have a set of general options that allows to customize it.

Field settings of GPS coords element

Field settings contains standard properties Field Name and Name Space, and its unique ones.

Name Description
Units system for filter allows to choose units that will be used during filtering; details...
Open map on dnlclick allows you to customize the opening of the map after a double click; details...
Confirm modal popup allows you to use a pop-up window when you change coordinates; details...
Use current location allows you to take the coordinates of the current location of the user; details...
Reload location time, ms allows you to configure at wha interval the location will be updated; appears if Use current location is on; details...
Zoom allows to customize map zoom; details...
Map style allows to customize map style; details...

Units system for filter

Due to this function you can configure the unit system which is used for filtering. This means that area and distance will be calculated in different units depending on the mode selected.There are two only types of systems:

  • Metric
  • Imperial

Open map on dnlclick

With this option, you can set your map to open in a new browser window when you double-click it in the app.

Confirm modal popup

With this option, every time the user tries to change the location, a pop-up window will ask if the user is sure.

Use current location

This option allows the gps coords use users current location. It also opens one more option called Reload location time, ms.

Reload location time, ms

Use this option to set the time interval at which the user's current location will be updated. It is useful, when you are on the move and need to track your location.


This option allow you to configure the map zoom. The minimum zoom is 1 and the maximum is 23.

Map style

Due to this option you can set the style of the map displaying in the application. There are three possible styles:

  • Standard
  • Retro
  • Night

Address Transfer Settings

These are parameters that allow you to configure where various location data will be stored and where the location coordinates will be taken from.

Address transfer settings of GPS coords

Name Description
Address allows to configure which data will be stored in the selected field; details...
Short name allows to save short names instead of full ones; details...
Required allows to configure whether the field will be mandatory for changing coordinates or not; details...
Field allows to choose the field from which the data for coordinates will be taken; details...
Edit allows to update or delete option; details...

Address Values

GH-elements have many different option. But we would like to draw your attention to Address in Address Transfer Settings. It has a list of value types that determine what data will be stored in it.

Address is a field in which the certain data from map will be saved, even if the field with such name does not exist in application. If such field exists, the value will be saved and displayed in it.

In following table you can find all Address value types and their corresponding values of address_component.

Address address_component Value
City "locality" name of the city
Street "route" name of the street
Neighborhood "neighborhood" name of the neighborhood
Appartament Number "subpremise" number of the appartament
Street Number "street_number" number of the street
County "administrative_area_level_2" name of the county
State "administrative_area_level_1" name of the state
Country "country" name of the country
Postal Code "postal_code" postal code
Full Address "formatted_address" full address
Address "address" address
Place ID "place_id" ID of the place

Short name

Many geographical objects have short variants of their names, and this option allows you to find the place by its short name in the field instead of the full name.


This option makes the field value mandatory when searching for a place. That is, without this value, the map will not update, even if there are more fields with the address.


Here you can set from which field the address will be taken for the search.


In this setting we have two buttons that allows to edit or delete the address option.

Element Style

Element style of GPS coords has all general settings about which you can read in Setting Overview. The other case is a variety of interpretations about that you can read below.

Element style of GPS coords

Data Model

GPS coords has quite complex data model.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "map_style": "night",
        "modal": 1,
        "open_map": 0,
        "options": [{
            "address_component": "locality",
            "field_id": "638831",
            "required": 1,
            "short_name": 1
        "regExpDistance": "^\\d+(.d+)?$",
        "regular_expression_lat": "^-?([1-8]?\\d(\\.\\d+)?|90(\\.0+)?)$",
        "regular_expression_lon": "^-?(180(\\.0+)?|((1[0-7]\\d)|([1-9]?\\d))(\\.\\d+)?)$",
        "useCurrentLocation": 0,
        "reloadLocationTime": "124556567567",
        "units": "metric",
        "zoom": "13"

It contains all data about the element and its options.

Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all gps coords interpretations
map_style string contains a style of map
modal boolean shows whether the pop-up window will appear when user changes coordinates
open_map boolean shows whether the map will open after double click
options array object array of gps coords options
address_component string contains the type of field address; details...
field_id string ID of field from that the address is taken
required boolean shows whether field is mandatory to be filled
short_name boolean shows whether will be displayed full value name or short
regExpDistance string regular expression that checks format of the distance value
regular_expression_lat string contains regular expression that checks whether latitude has a right format
regular_expression_lon string contains regular expression that checks whether longitude has a right format
useCurrentLocation boolean shows whether the coordinates of the user's current location will be used
reloadLocationTime string contains time between location updating
units string contains a type of units systems for filters
zoom string contains a value of a zoom


There are only two filters which can filter out gps coords:


GPS Coords has many interpretation types. Most of them are related to map displaying.

Interpretation types of GPS coords


Default interpretation for GPS coords is an icon. It is uneditable.


This interpretation type allows to enter address in the format of geographic coordinates and edit them.

Coords Input

This interpretation allows to enter, edit, and display address in the text format.


This is an interactive interpretation type. It allows to enter address and shows that place on the map immediately.

Size 256x256

This is one of map interpretation. It has fixed size 256x256.

Size 512x512

This is an interpretation of a fixed-size map. The size is 512x512.

Size Auto

This is one interpretation of the map that flexibly adjusts to the size of the browser window.