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Link is a special gh-element for URLs. It allows to open sites by clicking on a displayed link. It also has functions that allows to display the entered page in items.

Functional Characteristics

This element is designed for easy use of links. It allows you to put a lot of different URLs together and not get lost in them, because it is easy to follow a link or even view the corresponding site in an item using special function.

Value Format

The value of the link element is an entered URL as a string type. For multiple values, URLs are saved separated by commas.

    "field_value": "gudhub.com,example.com"

Element Options

The element options consists of only one group of settings.

Field Settings

As usual, the field settings contains two standard options, Field Name and Name Space, and a few extras.

Settings of link field

Name Description
Multiple allows to add multiple values; details...
Show in iframe allows you to display the site via a link in the application as a small window; details...


This option allows to set what kind of value can be added to the element, single or multiple.

Show in Iframe

As you can understand from the title, this option allows to add the Iframe of the entered link to your application.

Element Style

The style has only standard options until one of field settings is enabled. About standard set of options you can read in Setting Overview and interpretation types are described below.

Style of link element

General Settings

Link element has two special style options. They appear only when iframe is enabled in field settings.

General settings of link element

Name Description
Iframe Width allows to set the width of iframe
Iframe Height allows to set the height of iframe

Iframe Width and Height

These options allows you to configure the Iframe size by entering your value and units. They accepts only a few units.

Name Description
% works relative to the container where the iframe is located
px the only absolute length; it is used when the entered units are not available for this element
vw, vh works as usual, but the location is shifted relative to the container

Iframe Width and Height only available if Show in Iframe is enabled.

Data Model

This element has quite small data model.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "multiple": 0,
        "showIframe": 1
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all link interpretations
multiple boolean shows whether the element accepts a multiple value
showIframe boolean shows whether iframe active or not


Link value is very similar to text element one. So, there many filters for its filtering too.


Almost all interpretation types allows to follow the entered link. After clicking, the appropriate site will be opened in a new browser tab.

Types of link interpretation


The default interpretation allows to enter link into field, update and delete it, and displays it as a text.


This is the only type of link interpretation that does not allows to follow the entered link. It displays link as an icon.

Plain Text

This is an interpretation type that displays links and allows to follow them after clicking, but does not allows to edit them.

This interpretation displays only word 'Link' instead of full name but steal allows to open site by clicking on it. In this case, link is uneditable too.


This type displays only the link entered in this field.