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View List

View List is a gh-element that allows to add a list of views of any application and display one of them in the current application.

Functional Characteristics

This element can be used to obtain the name of some view for further use.

Value Format

Since the view list have to take views somewhere, it takes the ID of the application with the desired views as the value.

    "field_value": "1289974"

Element Options

View list has quite small number of options but they are divided into two groups.

Field Settings

As the most of the elements, the view list has only standard field options.

Settings of view list field

Main Settings

Main settings of the view list has only one option.

Main settings of view list

Name Description
Application allows to select the source application


This is the source application from which the views will be taken.

Element Style

The element style contains only standard settings which are described in Setting Overview, and interpretation types.

Style of view list element

Data Model

    "data_model": {
        "app_id": "31345",
        "interpretation": [],
        "multiple_value": false
Name Type Description
app_id string ID of the source application
interpretation array contains all element interpretations
multiple_value boolean shows whether the element accepts multiple value or not


There no filters for this element.


The view list has two unique types of interpretation. At first glance are the same, but they do not.

Types of view list interpretation


The default interpretation provides views only from current application. This means that the user can only select a view from the application in which the list is located.


This types allows to select any application for the list. Namely, you can select the application from your app list.