Available is a gh-element that allows to set the time period of time when you are available. You combine different words from the suggested list to get needed value.

Functional Characteristics

Set your working time then you are available for work calls and customers.

Value Format

The field value is contains of the combination of selected words. As a result, you will receive a complete offer.

    "field_value": "every weekday"

The value is multiple and has a huge number of variations.

Element Options

The whole settings which can configure the element are the standard field settings.

Settings of available field

Element Style

The style of an available element can be customized using its own interpretation types and a set of standard settings.

Style of available element

Data Model

The data model of the element is very small. It contains only interpretation array.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": []
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types


This element cannot be filtered out.


The available element has only two interpretations:

Types of available interpretation


This type allows to add new value or update the existed one.


This is a type of interpretation that only allows you to display the value of the field.