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Range Element

Range is a gh-element that is represented as a slider with established number boundaries. It allows user to save a specified numerical boundaries.

Functional Characteristics

Use this element to select the number of items in the online store, assess the quality of service, or set price limits.

Value Format

Range element value format depends on the range type. If it is Single, value format will be a maximum number in string format:

    "field_value": "7"

If range type is Double, value will be range limits separated by a colon in string type.

    "field_value": "4:10"

Element Options

Element options of the range element are contains:

  • Field Settings
  • Range Settings

Range Field Settings consists only of the standard options: Field Name and Name Space.

Range and Field settings of the range element

Range Settings

It is a set of options that allows to configure the range.

Name Description
Min allows to set minimum range value; details...
Max allows to set maximum range value; details...
Precision allows to set range precision; details...
Range type allows to set which type of range will be displayed; details...


These two options allow you to limit the minimum value of the range.


Allows you to set the maximum value of the range scale.


Due to this option you can adjust the range precision. Like a number element, it can have no more than three digits after the dot.

Range type

The range types allow to set whether the user could correct the both limits of the range or only the maximum one.

Element Style

Range element has no special options in element style. About all standard settings you can read in Setting Overview.

Style of the range element

Data Model

Range element data model is very similar to numbers, but much easier:

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "precision": "0",
        "range": {
            "min": 0, 
            "max": 10
        "type": "double"
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all element interpretations
precision string contains value of the precision
range object contains the limits of range
min number contains the minimum value of the range
max number contains the maximum value of the range
type string contains selected type of range


The rang element can be filtered with the same filters as numbers:


Range element has two interpretation types, which are different for each type of range.

  • Double range type:

    Default type of interpretation of the double range type

  • Single range type:

    Default type of interpretation of the single range type


This is a type of interpretation that allows the gh range elements to be displayed as a slider and one/two entering fields.


This type displays the set value of the element.