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Voting is a comfortable tool for automatic calculation of the users votes and save the information about that. The vote is counted only after clicking on the icon.

Functional Characteristics

Use this element to vote for any topic. It's also handy for collecting likes under posts.

Value Format

The value of the voting element are the IDs of the user who had voted, separated by commas.

    "field_value": "1547"

Element Options

The voting options consists of one group - Field Settings. It contains its own unique set of options.

Field Settings

The main settings of configuration the voting element are contained here. Two of them are the standard Field Name and Name Space.

Settings of voting field

Name Description
Icon allows to select icon which will be displayed; details...
Show Legend allows users to see others who voted; details...
Icon Color allows to select icon color; details...


This button allows to open the catalogue of different icons and to select which of them will be displayed in application.


The legend is a list of users who voted. It is displayed in application as a black popup list with users names and icons.

Icon Color

This option allows you to set the color of the icon with the help of color picker.

Element Style

As you can see, this element does not have special options of its style, only have standard settings about that you can read in Setting Overview. As for its interpretations, they are described below.

Style of voting element

Data Model

This element has quite big data model. Part of its properties related to the icon.

        "icon": "love_heart",
        "icon_color": "#18a9e8",
        "interpretation": [],
        "min_digits_count": -1,
        "show_legend": 1
Name Type Description
icon string name of selected icon
icon_color string selected color of icon
interpretation array contains all interpretation types of voting
min_digits_count number minimum number of digits
show_legend boolean shows voting legend is displayed or not


Since the voting element always has a value, it can be filtered out by only that filters that search by comparing full values.


The voting element has only three types of interpretation.

Types of voting interpretation


The default type allows users to vote and accordingly update the value.

Plain text

This interpretation allows only display the number of votes. Namely, it makes the element uneditable.


The last interpretation type displays the value of the field.