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Delete Item

Delete Item is a gh-element that allows to delete items. Namely, it is a button whose only action is to delete items.

Functional Characteristics

The usage of this element is quite simple. It is used to delete selected items. If you place it in an item and change its settings, the Delete button will allow the user to delete the item when it is open.

Value Format

Delete item is an element that have no value.

Element Options

This gh-element does not have lots of options. They are all contained in one group called Field Settings.

Field Settings

Among all settings there only two unique ones. Others are the standard options Name Space and Field Name.

Settings of delete item field

Name Description
Destination App allows to select the application from which the items will be deleted; details...
Itself delete allows to delete the item where the element is located; details...

Destination App

It is the application where the selected items will be deleted with the help of delete item element.

Itself Delete

This is the function that allows to close the item where the element is located.

Element Style

Like all other elements, the delete element has standard style options and its own unique interpretation types.

Style of delete item element

General Settings

Also, there are one option that does not belong to standard style options of the element.

General settings of delete item element

Name Description
Show button name allows to show or hide the button name

Shown Button Name

Due to this function you can configure where the button name will be displayed or not. The button name you can enter in Field Settings.

Data Model

Besides interpretation array, there are contained the only ID of destination application in the data model.

    "data_model": {
        "dest": {
            "app_id": 27824
        "interpretation": [],
        "itself_delete": 0
Name Type Description
dest array contains the destination app ID
app_id number contains the ID of the application from which items will be deleted
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
itself_delete boolean shows whether itself delete is on or not


This element cannot be filtered out.


The delete element has three interpretations:

Types of delete item interpretation


This type of interpretation allows you to display the gh-element as an icon with the name of the button to the right of it.

Name Below

This is the interpretation that display the delete item element as an icon with the button name under it.


This type allows this element to be displayed as a button with icon of the trash can.