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Sharing Element

Sharing is a gh-element that allows to share the application with other users. Also, it allows to manage the access of added users. There are five types of access:

  • Blocked - allows you to block access to a specific user to an application
  • Read - allows user to only view the application and do not edit it or add items.
  • Read&Write - this access allows to edit application data, add new items, but not to configure the application.
  • Admin - access to configure the application. But it does not allows to share the current application
  • Owner - access of the application creator. For owner all settings are available.

Functional Characteristics

This item is only used to share any application with GudHub users and manage their permissions for that application.

Value Format

This element does not save any value in its field.

Element Options

The sharing element does not have any extra settings besides standard field settings.

Settings of sharing field

Element Style

You may have seen all of style option before in other element articles or in Setting Overview. The element interpretation consists of three types which described in the end of the article.

Style of sharing element

General Settings

There is the only additional style option.

General settings of sharing style

Name Description
Show button name allows to display the button name

Show Button Name

This is a style of the gh-element that allows you to display the name of the button or hide it.

Data Model

The sharing data model is very small and contains only an array of interpretation settings.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": []
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all element interpretations


Since this item provides access to the entire application, it cannot be filtered out by any filter.


Sharing is a button, and accordingly it has the same interpretations as the others.

Types of sharing element


This type allows the element to be displayed as an icon with element name next to it.


Due to this type, the sharing appears as an icon with the name of the button below.


The last type of interpretation allows you to display the current element as a blue button with its name.