App Element

App is a gh-element that allows to display different applications in the current one. You can configure this item to open menus of other applications.

Functional Characteristics

It is usually used in element settings when the element needs to retrieve data from some application. Also, due to the app element and one of its settings, we can display the name and icon of the current application inside itself.

Value Format

The value of the element contains the ID of the selected application.

    "field_value": "28560"

Element Options

This element can only be configured with field settings.

Field Settings

This group of settings contains standard and advanced options.

Settings of the app field

Name Description
Multiple value allows to display multiple applications; details...
Current Application allows to display current applications; details...
Hide Menu allows to hide the application menu; details...
Size allows to select the size of the app icon; details...

Multiple Value

This setting allows you to display multiple applications.

Current Application

Allows to display the current application icon and name.

Hide Menu

This feature allows you to set whether the menu opens when you click an app element or not.


This is the option that allows to set the size of the application icon.

Element Style

The item has a set of options for setting its style. It is similar to standard settings. The unique app interpretation types located in the end of current article.

Style of app element

Data Model

The data model contains values of element settings.

    "data_model": {
        "current_app": true,
        "interpretation": [],
        "multiple_value": false,
        "size": 50
Name Type Description
current_app boolean contains ID of current application
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
multiple_value boolean shows whether the element accepts the multiple value
size number contains size of the app icon


There are five filters that allow you to filter items by the app element:


The current gh-element has quite a variety of types of interpretation.

Types of app interpretation


Displays the element as an icon with the application name below it.


This interpretation type displays only the application icon.


Due to this type, only the application name will be displayed.

Default Inline

This type allows the current element to be displayed as an application icon and name next to it.


This interpretation type displays the value of the element field.