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App Element

App is a gh-element that allows you to select any application from your list. The name of the selected application will be displayed in the current field. This allows you to use the element as part of an automation or simply to show title of the current application. Different types of interpretation are used for different needs. And accordingly, they look different.

For the first purpose, the element is mostly used in this form.

App element with the drop-down list

To delete the value you just need to click the cross button in the end of the field.

Value deleting

The App element is uneditable by default. So make sure you activate it for the element to work properly. However, in the case of the Current Application, this is not mandatory.

Otherwise, it can look like an icon with or without the application name.

Appearance with icon

Note that editing mode isn't always the right way to use the current item.

Functional Characteristics

It is usually used in element settings when the element needs to retrieve data from some application. Also, due to the app element and one of its settings, you can display the name and icon of the current application inside itself. This element is also used to configure an element called Install.

Element Options

This element can only be configured with field settings.

Field Settings

This group of settings contains standard and advanced options.

For each of the additional settings, there is a recommended type of interpretation and place of use for the App element.

Settings of the app field

Name Description
Multiple value allows to display multiple applications; details...
Current Application allows to display current applications; details...
Hide Menu allows to hide the application menu; details...
Size allows to select the size of the app icon; details...

Multiple Value

This setting allows you to store a multiple value in the current element. It can be useful for any automation processes that require the app IDs.

User can select applications only from his/her application list.

Any application can be selected by clicking on its name in the drop-down list.

Multiple value mode using

Recommended for use in items and with the interpretation type Text. This mode also does not work with all of the following settings.

Current Application

This is the mode that allows you to display the name and icon of the application where the element is located. In this case, it is used as the title of the application and can be placed in any view.

Using current application

When this mode is on, you cannot select a application other than the current one. However, the user can open a menu with their own list of applications. And go to any application by clicking on the selected one.

This mode can only be used with three types of interpretation: Default, Icon, and Default Inline.

Hide Menu

This option is only used with the Current application.

As you already know, when the Current Application is enabled, the user can open the application menu. So, the current setting called Hide menu allows you to disable it.

Using hide menu

The menu consists only of applications from the user's application list and a button that leads to the home page.

This is an additional setting to the one type of interpretation, Default Inline. This is because only this type allow you to open the menu.


The current setting is used to set the size of the application icon. There are five available sizes of the app icon:

  • 32x32
  • 50x50
  • 64x64
  • 128x128
  • 256x256

Use this option to customize the icon of your application. That allows you to customize the app for different needs.

This option can be used with the Default, Icon, or Default Inline interpretation types.

Element Style

The item has a set of options for setting its style. It is similar to standard settings. The unique app interpretation types located in the end of current article.

Style of app element


There are five filters that allow you to filter items by the app element:


The current gh-element has quite a variety of types of interpretation.

Types of app interpretation


Displays the element as an icon with the application name below it.


This interpretation type displays only the application icon.


Due to this type, only the application name will be displayed.

Default Inline

This type allows the current element to be displayed as an application icon and name next to it.


This interpretation type displays the value of the element field.

Value Format

The value of the element contains the ID of the selected application.

    "field_value": "28560"

However, when Multiple Value is enabled, a comma-separated string of application IDs is stored:

    "field_value": "27822,27904,28560"

If the Current application is enabled, the field has no value at all:

    "field_value": ""

Data Model

The data model contains values of element settings.

    "data_model": {
        "current_app": true,
        "interpretation": [],
        "multiple_value": false,
        "size": 50
Name Type Description
current_app boolean contains ID of current application
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
multiple_value boolean shows whether the element accepts the multiple value
size number contains size of the app icon