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Color List

Color List is gh-element that consists of a list of colors and allows user to select one or few of them. To select any option, the user needs to click on the desired color. Selected colors are highlighted with a check mark.

Operation of the color list element

To remove the check mark, click on the color a second time. When the user selects a different color, the check mark from the previous color is automatically removed.

Functional Characteristics

The current element is used mostly when you need the color selector for any products. So, it is mostly used for description of any products.

Using element for products

You also can use it in other cases. For example, use it as markers for your notes. That could be any statuses or hashtags.

Using element for statuses

That could be even a part of some surveys. Of course you can create your own usage for this element.

Element Options

This element has options that allows to configure it or set its values.

Field Settings

Field settings of this list contain options we are already familiar with. Field Name and Name Space are standard for all gh-elements.

Settings of the color list field

Name Description
Multiple value allows to select a few colors at the same time when it is on

Multiple value

This is an option that allows you to configure how many colors the user can select. If it is true, user can select a multiple colors at the same time.

Using of multiple value

So this setting can be used for selecting a multiple color of some product. It can also be used as a status marker or as tags.

Options Settings

Options Settings is a table of options and their properties.

Option settings of the color list

Name Description
Name column that contains; details...
Color selected option color; details...
Edit buttons that allows to edit options;details...


The current setting allows you to specify any name for the color option. Here you can enter either color name for each option, product code, or even statuses and hashtags.

Color list with color names

Selected values can be used to crate orders or for any automation processes.

The name is entered for each option separately.


To choose the colors of the element options, you need to use the current setting. It allows you to choose a color for each option separately.

Work of the color option

To select a color, open the color picker. It has two modes, which are described in Color article.


This is a setting that consists of two buttons. One of them allows you to edit an option and the other one allows you to delete it. There is a different pair of buttons for each option.

Work of edit and delete buttons

Editing an option means that you can change the name and color of a particular option. Deleting a color means removing it from the color list.

Element Style

The style of this element can be configured with the only help of standard options and interpretation. Read about that in Setting Overview article.

Element style of the color list


The color list elements can be filtrated out by the value name or by the presence of any value.


The color list has only many interpretation types:

Types of color list interpretation

Color list

This interpretation allows display list elements as color circles. Selection is marked with a check mark.

Color list with colors name

This type allows to display list elements as color circles with names under them. Selection is marked with a check mark.

Current value

This interpretation type allows to select color from the popup list and display its name.


That allows the list to be displayed as an entry editable field. After clicking on it, the pop-up list will be appeared.


This type displays only the ID of the selected color option.

Value Format

The color list value is the ID of the option that is selected in a string type.

    "field_value": "2"

If multiple value are enabled, IDs of all selected values will be stored in the field_value, separated by commas:

    "field_value": "2,4,5"

Data Model

The color list has data model which contains all of its options.

        "interpretation": [],
        "multiple_value": 0,
        "options": [{
            "color": "#000000",
            "name": "Black",
            "value": 1
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all interpretation types of the color list
multiple_value boolean shows whether user select one or more colors
options array contains option objects
color string contains the color hex code
name string contains the color name
value number unique option ID