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Development Platform

Low-code and No-code development platforms are powerful tools aimed at faster innovation. Using No-code/Low-code solutions, you are free from writing code line by line. These platforms have many advantages. No code and low code tools allow people to participate in the application development process. With No code low code platforms, organizations can increase their agility. Due to high performance and lower costs, you can develop more applications in less time. Choose a faster and more efficient way to build applications with GudHub development platform.

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GudHub - Low-code / No-code development platform

We Are Trusted by Large Enterprises


Lowe's is an American retail company that owns a chain of stores selling home goods. The company operates approximately 2,355 stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico, making it the second-largest hardware store chain in the world and the second-largest in the US. Lowe's uses the GudHub platform to optimize production.


Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, engineered surface solutions for commercial and residential applications worldwide. As the world's largest high-pressure laminate (HPL) manufacturer, Formica uses the GudHub platform to streamline its production.


MasterBrand is an American manufacturer of home lockers. Part of the Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. brand group. Using GudHub No-code and Low-code app development platform, Masterbrand decides to improve and optimize its production in the most efficient way.


LG is one of the largest manufacturers and developers of home appliances, electronics, mobile devices. Manufacturer of the first Korean radio, refrigerator, black and white TV, air conditioning, washing machine. LG is collaborating with GudHub No code Low code software development platform to optimize production using professional and customized tools.

No-code Low-code Solutions on
GudHub Platform

CRM Sales Management

Exceed your monthly development and sales plans with the GudHub CRM system. Automate repetitive work so you can spend more time on your project. Store all data about clients and projects, orders, expenses, and other individual information in special profiles in one place. No need to waste time transferring work from previous tools. Import all your data in just a few clicks.

Training Management

Conduct your corporate training, create key learning plans and presentations, download and use them to coach your employees. Use GudHub Training Management System.

Process Improvement

Improving your organization's processes is becoming increasingly important. As we move forward, organizations are building more and more processes, all with different goals, touching different departments, and delivering different products. Implement a successful improvement process of projects in your organization with GudHub.

Supply Chain

The All-in-one GudHub platform will help you to synchronize work with multiple vendors. Create and manage a system for approving and tracking purchase orders. Control, visibility, efficiency - from start to finish on one No-code/Low-code development platform.

Human Resources

To succeed, you need a strong team. Recruiting is the best way to find and attract professionals. Set up your human resource recruitment system with GudHub. Create lists, additional applications, record the results of interviews, make the necessary marks and feedback to each of the candidates and find the necessary profiles without any problems.

Project Management

Manage your projects simply and efficiently, keeping all the data you require in one place. Use the built-in GudHub tools for successful work with projects of any size and complexity.

Customer Service

Take your customer service to the next level. The GudHub platform provides digital workflows that meet any user need. Make each of your clients feel special. With the GudHub Low-code and No-code development platform, everyone can easily customize the required sequence of actions, user interfaces, data processing.

GudHub Platform

Rapid change is not possible without agile IT. Developing with Low-code and No-code allows to quickly development enterprise applications, create unique user interfaces, and integrate people, data, technology, and systems into a single workflow to accelerate business results.

GudHub is an easy-to-use Low-code and No-code development platform. The platform offers a large selection of pre-built apps and fields that you can customize to your needs. Using GudHub low code development tools, business users and analysts can realize their ideas and create their own business applications. This is a new reality where implementation takes days, not months. Automate business processes with GudHub Low-code and No-code platform.

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GudHub No-code Low-code
System Capabilities

Automation of business processes with GudHub

If you automate processes with Low-code software, you can create flexible solutions at high speed and scale. GudHub No-code Low-code platform can help development teams run faster and increase software production across the enterprise, empowering civilian developers.

Leave routine work behind! Automate your business with modern, adaptable processes. Just drag and drop functional blocks and merge them into a single logical flow.

Implement diverse and multiple tasks on One Platform

Shape workflows, improve productivity, build enterprise applications in one place and effortlessly.

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Gudhub Alexander Rohach google maps review
Alexander Rohach
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2 years ago
I really like how GudHub works with managing my working time. It is easy to track how much time I spend on task (it helps to find out my week sides and try to improve them). Easy to track my vacation/overtime time. The design is simple to understand, which is important for me because I don't like to do many unneeded actions. Easy to create app/task, easy to do description, easy to track timeline.
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Gudhub Matthew Always google maps review
Matthew Always
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4 years ago
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