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Quiz is a gh-element that allows to create different quizzes using automation nodes. Its automation configures not its settings. It has a pencil-like button that opens a special automation tab.

Functional Characteristics

This element is designed to make a different types of quiz. For example, the call center operator usually have to ask the same things each time. Due to Quiz you can create dialogue draft. Walking along it, the operator can easily dialogue and record customer data without missing anything.

Value Format

The current element contains ID of the JSON document with all its nodes settings.

    "field_value": "62ce8b72900876f93163f4cd"

Element Options

The Quiz element have three groups of settings. The last two of them are do not mandatory for gh-element work.

Field Settings

The element field settings consists of only standard settings.

Settings of quiz field

Default Value Settings

The second group of settings allows to configure the default items.

Settings of quiz default value

Name Description
Application allows to select the source application; details...
View name allows to select the view of items; details...


This is the application from which the view for the element will be taken.

Default View Name

This is the default view of the items of the application from which the data will be taken.

Cases Settings

The last group of settings allows to configure view cases.

Settings of quiz cases

Name Description
View name allows to select the view of the application items; details...
Filter allows to filter items of the selected application; details...
Edit allows to edit or delete the case; details...

View Name

This is the alternative view of items of the selected application.


Allows you to add filters that determine which elements will be used in the element.


This is the column that contains the edit and delete buttons for each option.

Quiz Automation

The Quiz element is mostly configures using automation. Because of this, it contains two special nodes that are only available in Quiz.

Quiz Node

Quiz Node is the start node. It initializes the start of the Quiz work. Also, because of this, certain items can be transmitted to the next nodes. Read more about it in Quiz Node.

Special element node called Quiz Node

Quiz Form

Quiz Form is the main branching node.It displays the message and responses that lead to the different following nodes. Read more about it in Quiz Form.

Special element node called Quiz Form

Element Style

Despite its unusual appearance, the Quiz has no special style settings. Read about these settings in Settings Overview and about element interpretations below.

Style of quiz element

Data Model

    "data_model": {
        "app_id": "29008",
        "interpretation": [],
        "option": [{
            "filters_list": [],
            "view_id": "1536589"
        "view_id": "1536589"
Name Type Description
app_id string contains ID of the source application
interpretation array contains all interpretation types
option array contains all cases settings
filters_list array contains all filters of the case
view_id string contains ID of the selected view of the case
view_id string contains ID of the view of app items


The current element cannot be filtered out by its value.


This element has three interpretation types:

Types of quiz interpretation


The default interpretation displays the generated quiz. Namely, it display the message and buttons with answers under it.


Due to this type, the element is displayed as an icon.


The last interpretation type displays the value of the field.