Table Filter

Table Filter is a gh-element that allows to filter table fields by values of certain columns. It also allows to set fields that will be available for filtration, select the filter, and filter out either single or multiple values. Since, table can display every element as a column with their values from all items, this filter can filter out absolutely all values of application items.

Value Format

This element does not have any value.

Element Options

Filter element has two types of settings. The first one is standard for all elements. The second one is a quite interesting table.

Field Settings

Besides standard options like Field Name and Name Space, filter has a few other settings.

Settings of filter field

Name Description
App allows to select from which application fields for filtering will be taken; details...
Bind to table allows you to select for which table the filter is applied; details...


Here you can select the source application from which the table for filtering will be selected.

Bind to table

This function bind the filter to the selected table from App.

Filter List

This is the list of all fields of the application. Its options allows to configure which fields will be available for filtering.

List of filters

Name Description
Field column with names of all elements in application
Show allows set whether the field will be displayed in filter list


This column contains all elements which are located in current application and could be added to filter list.


This column shows which element whether the element is displayed in filter list.

Element Style

Despite of a variety of interpretations which are described below, all other options are standard. So about them you can read in Setting Overview.

Style of the filter element

Data Model

The data model of filter contains all values of its settings and interpretations.

        "app_id_bind_to": 27290,
        "field_id_of_table": "625324",
        "filter_settings": {
            "fields_to_view": [{
                "field_id": "625324",
                "show": 0,
        "interpretation": []
Name Type Description
app_id_bind_to number contains the ID of the application with which the filter is associated
field_id_of_table string contains ID of the table which is filtered
filter_settings object contains settings of the filter
fields_to_view array contains all fields of the application and whether they will be shown in the filter list or not
field_id string ID of the field from the previously selected application
show boolean shows whether the field be shown in the filter list
interpretation array contains all filter interpretations


This gh-element filters out others but cannot be filtered.


Filter has three interpretation types, which differ only in appearance.

Types of filter interpretations


The default interpretation allows filter to be displayed as an icon with the name next to it.

Icon with name under it

This interpretation is like a default one, but the name is under the icon.


Allows to display filter element as a blue button with white icon and text on it.