Clone Item

Clone Item is a gh-element that allows you to clone an item into another application. This is one of that button that has the certain function.

Value Format

Like a lot of buttons, this element does not contains value.

Element Options

All element settings are divided into two groups.

Field Settings

The first group consists of standard field settings and a single additional option.

Settings of clone item field

Name Description
Destination App allows to select the destination application

Destination App

This is the application into which the items will be cloned.

Fields Clone

The second group contains settings that configure each field separately.

Fields clone of clone item element

Name Description
Field contains name of the application field; details...
Clone allows to configure whether the field will be cloned or not; details...


This is the column that contains all names of fields from destination fields.


This is a switch that allows you to set whether a field is cloned or not.

Element Style

The styles of all button elements can be configured using standard settings and one special option. The clone item is no exception. It also has several types of interpretation.

Style of clone item element

General Settings

The main group of style settings contains the only additional setting.

General settings of clone item style

Name Description
Show button name allows to show the button name

Show Button Name

This is a standard button switch that adjusts the display of the button name.

Data Model

This gh-element has a large data model because of the number of fields:

    "data_model": {
        "dest": {
            "app_id": "27904"
        "interpretation": [],
        "table_settings": {
            "columns_to_view": [{
                "field_id": 648752,
                "show": 0
Name Type Description
dest object contains destination settings
app_id string contains ID of the destination application
interpretation array contains all element interpretations
table_settings object contains all table settings
columns_to_view array contains all fields and their settings
field_id number contains ID of the current field
show boolean shows whether certain field will be cloned or not


There are no filters to filter out the current element.


The current button has three interpretations:

Types of clone item interpretation


The first type allows element to be displayed as an icon and a button name next to it.


This type of interpretation displays the item as an icon and the name of the button below it.


The last interpretation type displays element as a blue button with an icon and a button name on it.