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Update Items

Update Items is a gh-element that allows to update already existed items. It is a comfortable instrument for editing data in lots of items at the same time.

Simply select the items you want, click the Update Items button, and change the data in any field. Once applied, all selected items will be updated.

Functional Characteristics

With this button, the user can update a large number of items much more faster. It also allows user to remotely update application data from another application.

Value Format

It is an element that does not have any value.

Element Options

The current gh-element has the same settings as the Add Items button. They consists of three groups of settings.

Field and Reference Settings

The first block contains two main types of settings, Field and Reference Settings. Actually, there are only one reference setting. In turn, the field settings consist of standard options and important configuration options.

Settings of update items field

Name Description
Destination App allows to select the application where the items will be updated; details...
View name allows to select the view of the item; details...
Show Dialog allows to shown popup window instead opening item; details...
Dialog view name allows to select view for dialog; details...
Express update allows to add items without clicking on the apply button; details...
Field for reference allows to select field for reference; details...

Destination App

This is an application whose items will be updated.

View Name

This name belongs to the view that will be opened after clicking on the Update Items button.

Show Dialog

With this feature, the update view will open as a popup window.

Dialog View Name

This is the view that will be opened in the popup window if the Show Dialog is on. In other case, Dialog View Name is not available.

Express Update

This function is used to update items without opening the corresponding view. Then only fields selected in Fields to Field will be updated.

Field For Reference

The selected field will contain the ID of the destination application after updating items.

Fields to field

These settings are used to set fields which will be updated in any case. Here you also configure new values for these fields. There are two types of that values:

  1. Values taken from other fields

    Fields to field of update items element with source field option

  2. Value entered in settings

    Fields to field of update items element with user value option

Name Description
Source Field allows to select the source field; details...
User value allows users to enter their value; details...
Show input allow to show input; details...
Destination Field allows to select the destination field; details...
Edit allows to edit or delete case; details...

Source Field

This is the field whose value will be taken for updating the destination field.

User Value

This is the value entered in the settings. It will be used to update the destination field.

Show Input

This function determines what type of value will be used to update the data in a certain field. If enabled, the Source Field is used. In the other case, the User Value is used.

Destination Field

This is the field that will be updated.


This column contains buttons for editing and deleting the update option.

Element Style

As for the style settings, there are no unique settings except one. Even its types of interpretation are not very unique.

Style of update items element

General Settings

The only additional style setting is here.

General settings of update items style

Name Description
Show button name allows to hide the button name

Show Button Name

This switch allows you to set whether the button name of the current element is displayed or not

Data Model

The item has a rather large data model:

    "data_model": {
        "dest": {
            "app_id": "28998"
        "dialog_view_id": "1536017",
        "express_update": 0,
        "interpretation": [],
        "options": [{
            "dest_field_id": "682037",
            "show_input": 0,
            "source_field_id": "682038"
            "dest_field_id": "682032",
            "show_input": 1,
            "user_field_value": "example@gmail.com"
        "reference": {
            "field_id": "682037"
        "show_dialog": 1,
        "view_id": "1536017"
Name Type Description
dest object contains data of the destination application
app_id string contains ID of the destination application
dialog_view_id string contains ID of the view that is used for popup
express_update boolean shows whether express add is used or not
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
options array contains all settings of updating options
dest_field_id string contains ID of the destination field
source_field_id string contains ID of the source field
show_input boolean shows whether user field value is used or not
user_field_value string contains data entered by the user
reference object contains data of the reference
field_id string contains the identifier of the field that will contain the reference
show_dialog boolean shows whether the popup is used or not
view_id string contains ID of the view that will be used during the update


This element cannot be filtered.


Since this element is a button, it has the appropriate types of interpretation.

Types of update items interpretation


In the first interpretation, the item is displayed as an icon with the name of the button next to it.


Due to the second type, the element is displayed as an icon with the button name below.


The latter interpretation allows you to display the item as a blue button with an icon and the name of the button.