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Import CSV

Import CSV is a gh-element that allows user to import data to application from CSV files. This is a button with one function. After clicking on it, the view with the import configuration settings will open.

Functional Characteristics

With this element you can load data from CSV files. An item for each row will be created at once. It can be said that Import CSV allows you to create many filled items in a few steps.

Value Format

This element do not have field value.

Element Options

There are only one group of settings that allows to configure this element. It consists of standard field settings described in Setting Overview.

Settings of import CSV field

Element Style

This element has the same style settings as all other buttons. They contains standard style options and option unique to buttons. Even his interpretation is very similar to others.

Style of import CSV element

General Settings

The only extra option is located in this group of style settings.

General settings of import CSV element

Name Description
Show button name allows to hide the button name

Show Button Name

This is the unique button setting that allows to configure whether the button name will be displayed or not.

Data Model

The data model of import CSV element contains only one property.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": []
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all element interpretations


This element cannot be filtered out.


This element has three types of interpretation:

Types of import CSV interpretation


This interpretation allows the element to be displayed as an icon with the button name next to it.

Large Button

This type is similar to the previous one. It displays the element as the icon and the button name under it.

Large Button Inline

The last interpretation type displays element as a big blue button.