Add Items

Add Items is a gh-element that allows to add new items to the application. Namely, it is the button with one specific function.

Functional Characteristics

The only function of this element is to add elements. It can add empty elements or elements with filled fields. This button can also add any number of new items at a time.

Value Format

This element does not have a field value

Element Options

The element options allows to configure the work of the element. They are divided into a few groups.

Field and Reference Settings

The first two groups are responsible for the element field and its reference.

Settings of add items field

Name Description
Multiple value allows to add multiple values; details...
Destination App allows you to select the application in which the items will be added; details...
View name allows to select the view of created item; details...
Dialog view name allows to select the view which will be opened in pop-up window; details...
Show Dialog allows to open a template of item as pop-up window; details...
Express Add allows immediately apply the item; details...
Do Not Open Item allows you to set whether the item will open in full screen after creation or not; details...
Field for reference allows to add the value of the selected field to the element template; details...

Multiple Value

This function allows user to set the number of items which will be added.

Destination App

This is the application to which new items will be added with the help of the add items.

View Name

This function allows to select the view which is used for items.

Dialog View Name

Here you can select the view which will be displayed in pop-up window.

Show Dialog

If this function is on, the item template is displayed as a pop-up window.

Express Add

When this function is on, you do not need to click on Apply button to add the item.

Do Not Open Item

Usually after adding an item, it opens to the full screen. This function allows you to disable this action. That is, new elements will be displayed only in the table.

Field For Reference

This is the field for reference that will be displayed in the new item by default.

Fields To Field

This is a group of settings to configure default values for all selected fields.

  • Add Items

    • Functional Characteristics
    • Value Format
    • Element Options
      • Field and Reference Settings
        • Multiple Value
        • Destination App
        • View Name
        • Dialog View Name
        • Show Dialog
        • Express Add
        • Do Not Open Item
        • Field For Reference
      • Fields To Field
        • Source Field
        • User Value
        • Show Input
        • Destination Field
        • Edit
    • Element Style
      • General Settings
        • Show Button Name
    • Data Model
    • Filtration
    • Interpretation
      • Default
      • Large Button
      • Large Button Inline Fields to field of add items element
  • Yes Fields to field of add items element with user value

Name Description
Source Field allows to select the source field; details...
User value allows to enter the static value; details...
Show input allows to use the static value instead of field ID; details...
Destination Field allows to select the destination value; details...
Edit contains to button for editing and deleting the field option; details...

Source Field

The source field is the field from which the value will be taken for display in certain items by default.

User Value

This is the value that will be displayed by default in a specific field in each new item.

Show Input

This is a function that allows you to use different value sources. When it is on, the User Value is used. If it is off, the Source Field is used.

Destination Field

The destination field contains the default value selected earlier.


This column contains two buttons for editing and deleting options.

Element Style

The element style can be customized with the help of standard settings. The only unique option and all interpretation types are described below.

Style of add items element

General Settings

Such general options are standard for all buttons.

General settings of add items style

Name Description
Show button name allows to hide the button name

Show Button Name

As for other buttons, you can hide the button name of the current element due to this setting.

Data Model

This button has a rather large number of settings and, accordingly, its data model contains many properties.

    "data_model": {
            "app_id": 27290
        "interpretation": [],
        "itself_filter": {
            "active": false
        "multiple_items": 0,
        "options": [{
            "dest_field_id": "678845",
            "show_input": 1,
            "source_field_id": "678845",
            "user_field_value": "Kate"
        "reference": {
            "field_id": ""
        "source": {
            "app_id": ""
        "view_id": 1375042
Name Type Description
dest object contains destination options
app_id number contains ID of the destination application
interpretation array contains all interpretation types
itself_filter object contains options of itself filtration
active boolean shows whether the itself filters are used or not
multiple_items boolean shows whether the element accepts the multiple value
options array contains settings of fields to fields
dest_field_id string contains ID of the destination field
show_input boolean shows whether the static value is used or not
source_field_id string contains ID of the source field
user_field_value string contains value entered by user that will be displayed in new items
reference object contains reference settings
field_id string contains ID of the field reference
source object contains source settings
app_id string contains ID of the source application
view_id number contains ID of the item view that will be added to the application


Current element cannot be filtered out.


The current item has interpretation types similar to other buttons.

Types of add items interpretation


The default interpretation type allows the element to be displayed as an icon with the button name next to it.

Large Button

This interpretation type allows to display the icon with the button name below.

Large Button Inline

This one displays the element as a big blue button.