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View Tab

View tab is a gh-element that works with view container. It is designed for switching the views. That's why it doesn't work properly on its own.

Functional Characteristics

The main purpose of this element is to switch views in the View Container. A tab should be created for each species. You can use this element to create a menu in your application.

Value Format

This element has no field value.

Element Options

Three groups of settings allows to configure the element and tabs.

Field and View Settings

The first group is Field Settings that consists of only standard options. The second one is View Settings. They allow to select the application and the field with which the element will be connected.

Settings of view tab field

Name Description
Application allows to select the source application; details...
Field Send Message allows to select the field with which the element will be connected; details...
Show icon allows to add icon to the tab name; details...


This ias the application from which the list of fields will be taken.

Field Send Message

This is the field that will be associated with the tabs. This means that the tabs will allow you to switch views in this particular field. Therefore, you need to select the view container here.

Show icon

This is the function that allows to display the icon selected in Tabs Settings near the tab name.

Tabs Settings

This is a group of settings that allows you to configure each tab separately. Depends of Show icon function, the number of settings may vary.

Settings of view tab

When it is on, appears the additional Icon and Color.

Settings of view tab with icon

The order of the view tabs must match the order of the views in the view container.

Name Description
Name allows to enter the tab name; details...
Icon allows to select the tab icon; details...
Color allows to select the icon color; details...
Application allows to select the source application; details...
View name allows you to select the view to which the tab will be linked; details...
Edit allows to update or delete the tab; details...


This is the name which will be displayed in the tabs.


This is the icon which will be displayed in element near the tab name.


This function allows to open the color picker and select the color of the icon.

Tab Application

This is the application from which the views for connecting will be taken.

View name

This is the view that is connected with certain tab.


This column contains two buttons for updating and deleting tabs.

Element Style

This element have no additional options that could customize its style. You can read about standard settings of element style in Setting Overview and about interpretation below.

Style of view tab element

Data Model

The view tab has a rather large data model.

    "data_model": {
        "current_tab": 0,
        "interpretation": [],
        "options": [{
            "app_id": "23790",
            "color": "#0b73b0",
            "icon": "lock",
            "name": "View 1",
            "view_id": "1524761"
        "send_message": {
            "app_id": "27290",
            "field_id": "677581"
        "show_icon": 1,
        "use_default_value": false
Name Type Description
current_tab number contains ID of the application that is shown by default
interpretation array contains all element interpretation types
options array contains all data about application options
app_id string contains the ID of the source application
color string contains the hex code of the icon color
icon string contains name of the tab icon
name string contains the name of the tab
view_id string contains ID of the view which is connected with the tab
send_message object contains data needed for sending message
app_id string contains ID of the destination application for sending message
field_id string contains ID of the destination field for sending message
show_icon boolean shows whether the icon is displayed near the tab name or not
use_default_value boolean shows whether the default value is used or not


This is one of that elements which have no ways to be filtered.


Most types of interpretation differ only in the location in the container.

Types of view tab interpretation


This interpretation allows the element to be displayed as an icon. It is the only type that does not allows to switch the tabs.


This is the interpretation type that allows to display tabs names above the line. It can be used above the view container.


This type of interpretation allows tabs to be displayed on the left side.

Right Column

This interpretation type allows the tabs to be displayed on the right side.


The last type allows to display tabs names below the line. It is useful when you need to place the tab names below the view container.