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Charts is a gh-element that allows to make charts based on data of the application. This element provides functionality for selecting the data on the basis of which the chart will be built, as well as for customizing this chart.

Functional Characteristics

The obvious use of this element is to visualize some data, such as expenses and income. It is also useful for visualizing statistical data.

Element Options

The chart contains of three settings groups.

Field Settings

Besides two standard settings, there are lots of important settings.

Settings of charts fields

Name Description
Application allows to select the source application; details...
Date charts allows to use date charts; details...
Save data charts allows to save data of the chart; details...
Data type allows to select the type of the date data; details...
Height charts allows to select the height of charts; details...
Edit me! allows to open chart editor; details...


To generate an element diagram, you need initial data. To get it, you need to select the source application in the current option.

Only after app selection you can configure the charts.

Date Charts

This is the function that allows to group items by some time period.

Save Data Charts

Due to this option, the settings of the chart will be saved on the server.

Data Type

This is the period of time by which items will be grouped in date chart. There are five types:

  • Hours
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

Height Charts

Th last function allows to set the height of the chart:

  • 200px
  • 400px
  • 600px
  • 800px
  • 100%

Chart Editor

Current element use Google chart tool to customize chart appearance.

  1. Start Chart editor Start

  2. Charts Charts of editor

  3. Customize Chart editor customize

Cases Settings

The graph can consist of several calculations. Each of them is configured using the following settings.

Settings of charts cases

Name Description
Name allows to enter the name of the case; details...
Field sort allows to select the field by which the item marks will be sorted; details...
Field calculate allows to select field by which marks will be calculated; details...
Aggregation allows to select the type of the calculation; details...
Conditions allows to select items that will be calculated; details...
Edit allows to edit and delete the case; details...


This is the name of the configured option.

Field Sort

All items in charts will be sorted by this field.

Field Calculate

This is the field for calculation.


This is an action that allows you to aggregate items. There are five types of such aggregations:

  • Sum
  • Avg
  • Count
  • Min
  • Max


These are filters that determines which items will be used in charts.


This column contains two buttons. One allows you to edit a case, and the other allows you to delete it.

Element Style

Current element has quite standard style settings. Also, it has only a few types of interpretation.

Style of charts element


This element cannot be filtered out.


This element has only two interpretation types:

Types of charts interpretation


This type allows the element be displayed as an interactive chart.


This interpretation displays only an icon.

Value Format

The element does not have field value.

Data Model

The data model of the element contains all its settings:

    "data_model": {
        "app_id": "28840",
        "charts_option": [{
            "aggregation": "max",
            "field_id_calc": "680125",
            "field_to_sort": "680126",
            "filters_list": [],
            "name": "Bdd"
        "data_option": {
            "data_type": "month"
        "height_charts": "200",
        "interpretation": [],
        "settings": {},
        "use_date_charts": 0,
        "use_save_mongo": false
Name Type Description
app_id string contains ID of the source application
charts_option array contains data about item options
aggregation string contains type of the calculation
field_id_calc string contains ID of the field by which the option value will be calculated
field_to_sort string contains ID of the field by which the options will be sorted
filters_list array contains filters that determine which items will be used for this option
name string contains entered name of the option
data_option object contains data about data options
data_type string contains selected data type
height_charts string contains value of the chart height
interpretation array contains all interpretation types
settings object contains all settings of the chart appearance
use_date_charts boolean shows whether the date chart is used or not
use_save_mongo boolean shows whether the chart data will be saved or not