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Grapes HTML Editor

Grapes HTML Editor is a gh-element that provides instruments for making the file that can be easily converted in the HTML page.

Grapes HTML Editor

Functional Characteristics

Due to this gh-element user can automatically update page content in blogs or other sites.

Value Format

This is one of element that does not have any value.

Element Options

This gh-element has only three element options. All of them are contained in one group of settings.

Field Settings

The element field can be configured with two standard settings and an extra one.

Settings of grapes HTML editor field

Name Description
Field for images allows to select the source field for images

Field For Images

This is the field from which images will be loaded into the HTML Editor. Due to it, those images will be added to the GudHub server with new generated name.

Element Style

Despite the big functionality of the element, its style has no additional style settings. Read Setting Overview to configure the editor style and about interpretation read below.

Style of grapes HTML editor element

Data Model

The data model of the current element contains only interpretation array and an ID of the certain field.

    "data_model": {
        "images_field_id": "23445",
        "interpretation": []
Name Type Description
images_field_id string contains ID of the field with images
interpretation array contains all element interpretations


There are no filters to filter this element.


The grapes HTML editor can be displayed in three interpretation types.

Types of grapes HTML editor interpretation


The first interpretation type is a working area with lots of tool for making html page.


The web interpretation displays the contents of the element file in web format.


The last type displays only the value of the Grapes HTML Editor.