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JSON Editor

JSON Editor is a gh-element that allows enter, edit, and save any JSON code.

Functional Characteristics

The current element provides users a full-fledged editor for work this JSON. It allows you to create or paste the document and save where all entered code, edit, filter, and copy it.

Value Format

This element have no field value.

Element Options

JSON editor has only one group of settings.

Field Settings

This is a group that consists of standard options and one additional option.

Settings of JSON editor field

Name Description
Mode allows to select the mode of the editor


The JSON editor has four modes. They have different properties.

  • Tree

    Tree mode of JSON editor

  • Form

    Form mode of JSON editor

  • Code

    Code mode of JSON editor

  • Text

    Text mode of JSON editor

Element Style

The style of the JSON editor is customizable using the standard options. Also, it has a few interpretation types in this set of options.

Style of JSON editor element

Data Model

Despite its look, the JSON editor has a small data model.

    "data_model": {
        "interpretation": [],
        "mode": "text"
Name Type Description
interpretation array contains all interpretation types
mode string contains current mode of the editor


This element cannot be used for item filtration.


There are only two types of interpretation to display the editor:

Types of JSON editor interpretation


This type allows to display the element as a space for entering and editing JSON code. This is a full-fledged editor with all the buttons available to work with the code.


This is the interpretation type that displays the icon instead of full editor.