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Agile software development Life Cycle
It is the first of the agile SDLC phases. At this point, the purpose of the software and how the user interface will look are fine-tuned based on the requirements and interactions of the customer. It also identifies the business opportunity and the time it takes to complete the project. Thus, this A...
8 min read
What Is Visual Programming?
What is visual scripting?Scratch is an open-source graphical programming language which means that anyone can find it on the Internet and use for free. It’s often used for educational purposes like introducing Visual Programming for kids, but Scratch also has functions to create multimedia content.B...
9 min read
What are customer-facing applications?
The “client-facing” definition is simple. When we talk about user-facing apps, we refer to the software that users can directly interact with. It allows them to contact you to book some services or buy products that the company offers without any intermediary. With online consumer-facing technology,...
9 min read
Low-Code vs No-Code: which one is better?
The GudHub system is fully automated for routine work, and you can create your projects by dragging and dropping functional blocks and combining them into a single logical flow. Each time working with the program, the user is automatically authenticated. You can automatically generate documents by d...
12 min read