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Automation Nodes

Pop Up Form

Pop Up Form is a node that displays a pop-up window with message and answer for it. When updating an item, this node will open a pop-up window with a pre-entered message and answers below. You can connect any nodes to these answers. This will allow users to choose the function that will work after their click.

This node is available only in the automation settings of the Smart Input element.

Pop up form node


The current node has no input sockets other than the default one.

Default Input Sockets

The current node does not accepts any data. Although the single input socket has a value type, it only starts the node.

Name Data Type Description
Start value starts the work of the node

Additional Input Sockets

There are no additional input sockets.


Unlike input sockets, the number of output sockets is unlimited due to the settings.

Default Output Sockets

The default output socket of the current node allows you to pass the message displayed in the pop-up window to the following nodes.

Name Data Type Description
Message value transmits the message from settings

Additional Output Sockets

An additional socket will be added when you add a new answer in settings. All of them allow the automation process to jump to certain nodes depending on the user's response.


The node options consist of two block of settings.

Default Settings

Default settings of pop up form node

Name Description
Message allows to enter the message of the pop-up window; details...
Notes allows to leave some notes in the node; details...


The first function of the block allows you to enter text that will be displayed in a pop-up window.


Current setting is a field where you can leave some notes about the node or any other text you wish.


Settings of pop up form answers

Name Description
Text allows to enter the text of the button; details...
Output Name allows to assign a name to the output socket; details...
Edit allows to edit or delete the answer; details...


Each of the answers is displayed as a button in a pop-up window. The current setting allows you to enter the text of this button.

Output Name

When you create a new answer, a new output socket will be created for it. Output Name allows you to name this socket anything you want.


This is a setting that consists of two buttons to edit and delete the answer.