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Automation Nodes

Get Item By Item Ref

Get Item By Item Ref is a node that allows you to get any element by its reference, indicated in some field. The work of this node based on the Item Reference. It is the reference that consists of application ID and item ID. At this reference you can get access to the item.

Get item  by ref node


The current node contains only default input sockets.

Default Input Sockets

The current node can accept items in two ways:

  • Accepts item
  • Accept reference of item

This means that you can pass the complete item with the desired Item Reference to the node or pass only its reference, previously obtained in the Item Destructor.

Name Data Type Description
Items item accepts items with needed reference field
Item ID value accepts item reference of the source item

Additional Input Sockets

The current node have no additional input sockets.


As with the input sockets, this node has only default output sockets.

Default Output Sockets

The only output socket returns the item gotten by its reference.

Name Data Type Description
Items item returns item by reference

Additional Output Sockets

There are no settings to add any additional output sockets.


The current node has quite small number of settings. Almost all of them set up the source of the item reference.

Default settings of get item by item ref node

Name Description
Application allows to select application with item reference; details...
Field allows to select the field with item reference; details...
Notes allows to leave any notes in the node settings; details...


For this node, you need to select an application that contains fields with references to the items you need.


This is a field that contains references to the required items. The field must be Item Reference element.


This field is created to leave some notes in the node settings.