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Automation Nodes

API Node

API Node is a node that allows to take data from HTTP requests. This data can be used to form a response in other nodes and then transmitted to the Response node. More precisely, this node allows you to launch other nodes depending on a specific request.

This node is available only in API element.

API node


This node has no input sockets.


The current node has only default output sockets.

Default Output Sockets

All output sockets of a node allow getting a response to different HTTP requests. More precisely, the response contains the same data as the request, so sockets transmit data of specific requests.

Name Data Type Description
GET object transmits data of the GET request
HEAD object transmits data of the HEAD request
POST object transmits data of the POST request
PUT object transmits data of the PUT request
DELETE object transmits data of the DELETE request

Additional Output Sockets

There are no way to add additional output sockets.


The current node has no settings.