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Automation Nodes

Update Items API

Update Items API is a node that allows to automatically update items. Namely, when some item, that is transferred to the input socket, is updated this node will send the update item request to the server.

The current node is consists of edit and delete button, input and output sockets.

Node of update items API


The update items API has only one input socket and new sockets cannot be added.

Default Input Sockets

For the most part, updated elements are transferred, but the socket accepts any elements.

Name Data Type Description
Items item socket that accept any items

Additional Input Sockets

There are no additional input sockets.


This node has no settings to add additional sockets. Therefore, it only has a default output socket.

Default Output Sockets

The default socket allows you to transfer items that have been used in the current node to the following nodes. That allows you to move on to the next nodes only after the Update Items API has worked.

Name Data Type Description
Items item transmits the items that have been updated

Additional Output Sockets

The node does not contains the additional output sockets.


The current node has only one setting that is important to the element, which is in a single settings block.

Default settings of update items API node

Name Description
Application allows to select the application were the updates will be done; details...
Notes allows to save some notes in settings; details...


This is the selected application, the elements of which will be transferred to the node and updated.


This notes will be displayed only in the current node settings. You can leave any comments here.