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Automation Nodes

Verify Email Node

Verify Email is a node that allows you to automatically verify email addresses. This means that it checks whether the email address exists and whether it is possible to send emails to it or not. This node has two different modes for working with different types of data:

  • Value

    Node in value mode

  • Items

    Node in items mode


The Verify Email has two sockets in total but they are interchangeable. That is, the available socket depends on the node settings.

Default Input Sockets

The current node accepts email addresses in different formats. Depending on the node mode, emails can be transmitted as separate values or as parts of some items.

Name Data Type Description
Email value accepts emails that require verification
Items items accepts items that contain email addresses for verification

Additional Input Sockets

The current node has no additional input sockets.


The current node has two groups of output sockets. Any group can be used only with certain settings.

Default Output Sockets

As you can see, this node has five default output sockets. All of them allows to get the status of the email address. There are four existed statuses:

  • Deliverable
  • Risky
  • Undeliverable
  • Unknown

There is a separate socket for each of them in the Value mode. Namely, each socket returns the specific status. In the case of the Items mode, unlike the previous ones, the Items socket returns an item whose status is stored in the selected field.

Name Data Type Description
Deliverable value if email address is deliverable, it returns the appropriate status
Risky value if email is risky, this socket returns this status
Undeliverable value if email has undeliverable status, the current socket returns this status
Unknown value if the node cannot determine the status of the email address, this socket will return an unknown status
Items item returns items with the field filled with the checking status

Additional Output Sockets

There are no additional output sockets in this node.


The settings of the current node depend on the Mode option. Depending on the selected mode, the node settings will change:

  • Value

    Value mode settings

  • Items

    Items mode settings

Name Description
Mode allows to select the mode of the node work; details...
App id allows to select application where the email and checking results stored; details...
Email field id allows you to select the field from which the email will be taken for checking; details...
Result field id allows to select the field where the results of the check will be stored; details...
Notes allows you to leave any notes; details...


Node modes determine what type of data this node can work with. Depending on the selected mode, the node settings will change.

  • Value - there are no additional settings for this mode, only defined sockets.
  • Items - all following settings customize this mode.

App Id

The current option allows you to select the source application. The email addresses for verification are taken from items of the selected app. Also, the results of the verification will be stored in items of the selected application.

Email Field Id

Here you have to select the field where the email addresses are stored. The value of this field will be verified via a Verify Email.

Result Field Id

This is the field where the result of the email verifying will be stored. This means that the items will be returned with this field filled in.


The last setting allows you to leave any notes in the node settings. You can use it to specify the purpose of a node.