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Automation Nodes

Voice Machine Detection

Voice Machine Detection is a node that allows you to check the certain phone numbers. Specifically, it determines who answers the call. This is useful for checking some contacts.

Voice machine detection node


The current node has only default input sockets.

Default Input Sockets

There are two default input sockets. Both receive data that is important for making a call. The recipient's phone number will be checked.

Name Data Type Description
From value accept the phone number from which the call will be made
To value accepts the phone number to be checked

Additional Input Sockets

The current node has no additional input sockets.


The voice detector has only one output socket.

Default Output Sockets

The single output socket returns the result of the recipient checking. Namely, it shows who answers the call: machine_start, person, fax, or unknown in cases where the detector cannot determine who called.

Name Data Type Description
Result value returns the result of the check

Additional Output Sockets

There are no settings for adding additional output sockets.


Default settings of voice machine detection node

Name Description
Account SID allows you to enter your Twilio account SID; details...
Auth Token allows you to enter a Twilio authentication token; details...
Notes allows to leave any notes in settings; details...

Account SID

To use the current node, you must have a Twilio account, where you can get the credentials for this and the following settings. In the first Voice machine detection setting, you must enter the account SID that will allow the node to access your Twilio account.

Auth Token

This is the second option where you need to enter the Auth Token from your Twilio account, which is used to authenticate the API request.


The last option is used by default. This is the field where you can enter any necessary notes.