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Automation Nodes

Response Node

Response is a node that allows to return the response of the HTTP requests called in API element. This response can be generated using different nodes or can return request data from an API node. The received response can be viewed at the link specified in API element.

The current node is standard for the API element and is available only in it.

Response node

This node is usually paired with several nodes depending on the socket that is used.


This node has only a few default input sockets.

Default Input Sockets

Input sockets accept different types of data to display them as responses in a specific format.

Name Data Type Description
Object object accepts an object to return it in response
HTML value accepts data to convert it to an HTML file
XML value accepts data to convert it to an XML file

Additional Input Sockets


The Response is a node that only receives data, so it has no output sockets.


The current node has no settings.