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Automation Nodes

Twilio SMS

Twilio SMS - a node that allows you to automatically send SMS using the Twilio service. You can configure it so that messages will be automatically sent, for example, to your customers after a certain action.

Twilio SMS node


The Twilio SMS has only default sockets.

Default Input Sockets

To send messages, three types of data must be transmitted to the node sockets. These are the contacts of the caller and the recipient of the call, as well as the content of the message.

Name Data Type Description
Caller ID value accepts Twilio phone numbers from which messages will be sent
Recipient value accepts number of the message recipients
Message value accept the message text
Image value accept images for messages

Additional Input Sockets

There are no additional input sockets in this node.


The current node has no output sockets.


Settings of twilio SMS node

Name Description
Account SID allows to enter the SID of your Twilio account; details...
Auth Token allows to enter the authentication token of your Twilio account; details...
Notes allows to leave some notes in the node settings; details...

Account SID

This is the field where you must enter the 34-digit SID of your Twilio account. It is used in conjunction with the Auth Token to authenticate your app's API requests.

Auth Token

The second important thing that you have in your Twilio account is Auth Token. Enter it in the appropriate setting to send requests.


This is the setting where you can enter any notes about the current node or anything else.