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Automation Nodes

GH Element Node

GH Element Node is the initial automation node for most gh-elements. It allows you to track updates of the current item to run some processes in the connected nodes. You can also get the values of the element in which the node is located and pass them to the following nodes.

Base node of GH elements


The current node does not have any input socket. It takes data from the current item or element.


The GH element node contains only default output sockets.

Default Output Sockets

All output sockets track different data from the current item. Two of them also transmits data to the next nodes.

Name Data Type Description
Updated Items item monitors items updates
New Value value transmits new element value
Old Value value transmits old element value

Additional Output Sockets

Since this node has no settings, it is not possible to add additional sockets.


The current node has no settings for its configuration.