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Automation Nodes

Create Items API

Create Items API is a node that automatically creates a new item in the selected application. It also allows you to create duplicates of existing items.

Appearance of create items API node


The current node has only one default input socket, and no additional sockets can be added.

Default Input Sockets

This means that each update of the items that are passed in creates a new item. This means that each update of the items to be transmitted leads to the creation of a new item. If the item is to be created in the same application where updates are tracked, the created item will be a duplicate of the updated item..

Name Data Type Description
Items item accept the template of the item that will be created or the item those updates will be tracked

Additional Input Sockets

This node has no additional input sockets.


Like the input socket, there is only one output socket.

Default Output Sockets

Created items from this node can be transferred to other nodes, due to this socket.

Name Data Type Description
Items item transmits the created item to the next node

Additional Output Sockets

This node has no settings for creating an additional output socket.


The current node has a rather small set of settings. There are only Default Settings.

Default settings of create items API node

Name Description
Application allows to select the application where the item will be created; details...
Notes allows to leave some notes in the node settings; details...


This is the application in which a new item or a duplicate of an item will be created.


This is the field for notes. The entered text will be saved in the settings of the current node.