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Automation Nodes

File Reader

File Reader is a node that allows you to get data from different files. Since the gh-element stores only file identifiers, it is difficult to use data from them. That's why this node exists specifically to receive data in text format.

File reader node


The only input socket in this node is the default socket.

Default Input Sockets

Using the current socket, you can pass the ID of the desired file to the node to get the data stored in it.

Name Data Type Description
File ID value accepts the identifier of the file whose data is to be retrieved

Additional Input Sockets

This node has no additional input sockets.


As with the input socket, this node has only one output socket.

Default Output Sockets

From this output socket, you receive data from a file in the form of text data.

Name Data Type Description
Data value returns data from a file

Additional Output Sockets

The current node also has no additional output sockets.


The current node has only two configuration parameters that determine the location and type of the output file.

Default settings of file reader node

Name Description
Application allows you to select the application from which files will be taken; details...
File Type allows to select the type of the file from which the data will be retrieved; details...
Notes allows to leave any notes in the node settings; details...


Here you have to select the application there the files for reading are stored. This allows the node to retrieve file identifiers from some field in this application.

File Type

The File Reader can retrieve data not only from files but also from documents. To choose the one you need, select the appropriate type:

  • Text for files
  • Document for documents


This field is for your personal notes. Here you can specify the purpose of the node.