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Automation Nodes

Send Email Node

Send Email is a node that allows you to set up automatic email sending. It is useful for making send newsletters or contact customers immediately after they leave a request. It is also easy to use. All you need to do is pass your regular email data to the node.

The send email node


The Send Email node accepts only email data.

Default Input Sockets

The main purpose of input sockets is to receive all the data needed to create and send an email. This includes the sender's and recipient's email addresses, the sender's name, the content, and the subject line. This is all the data you would normally enter to send a regular email.

Name Data Type Description
From value accepts email address from which an email will be sent
From Name value accepts a name that will be displayed in the email instead of the sender's address
To value accepts the recipient's email address
Subject value accepts text of an email subject
Content value accepts text of an email content; it also can be HTML code

Additional Input Sockets

There are no additional input sockets.


The current node has two output sockets, and both are the default output sockets.

Default Output Sockets

The output sockets of the current node do not returns any data. They can only be used to trigger specific nodes in case of successful or unsuccessful email sending.

Name Data Type Description
Sent value allows to trigger a certain node in case of successful email sending
Error value allows to trigger a certain node in case there was an error while sending the email

Additional Output Sockets

This node has no additional output sockets.


The current node has no configuring settings. It contains only the Notes option.

Default settings of send email node

Name Description
Notes allows you to leave any notes in the node settings. It is useful for specifying the purpose of the node