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Automation Nodes

Get Items

Get Items is a node that allows you to get items from a specific application. This is usually useful if you need to use data from another application.

Get items node


The current node has only one input socket.

Default Input Sockets

The single input socket of the node does not transmit any data to it. It starts node processes only after a certain event arrives in the socket.

Name Data Type Description
Items item triggers the start of the node operation

Additional Input Sockets

The node has no settings for adding additional input sockets.


As with the input, this node has only one output socket.

Default Output Sockets

Name Data Type Description
Items item transmits items from the selected application

Additional Output Sockets

Additional output sockets cannot be added to the node.


Get Items has one configuring setting and auxiliary option.

Default settings of get items node

Name Description
Application allows to select the application from which items will be gotten; details...
Notes allows to leave any notes in settings; details...


This is the source application whose items will be gotten using the current node.


This field is created for setting notes. That is, with its help you can enter and save some notes in the settings of the current node.