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Automation Nodes

Trigger Node

Trigger - a node that listens to the application. It passes the results of all application events to the following nodes. This node is available only in the Trigger element where the source application can be selected.

Trigger node


Trigger is one of those nodes that automatically receive data from the certain application. Therefore it do not have any input sockets.


Current node has a quite big set of output sockets.

Default Output Sockets

All data is transmitted to the node from the certain application that can be selected in the settings of the Trigger element.

Name Data Type Description
Created Items item transmits just created items of the selected application
Deleted Items item transmits deleted items of the selected application
Updated Items item transmits items which are updated of the selected application
Updated File value transmits files from the selected application which are updated
Updated Value item transmits updated values from the selected application

Additional Output Sockets

Since this node has no settings, there is no possibility to add additional output sockets.


As mentioned above, the current node has no settings.