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Automation Nodes

Create Files

Create Files - a node that allows you to create a file and save it in the selected field.

Create files node


There are only two default input sockets in this node.

Default Input Sockets

The input sockets of the node accept the data of the file to be created and some elements that will be the trigger for the node to work.

Name Data Type Description
Items item accepts items as a trigger for starting work of the node
Files value accepts files in two formats

Additional Input Sockets

This node has no additional input sockets.


The current node has only one output socket.

Default Output Sockets

The only output socket transmits the items that contain the created files. That means, it returns the file in the file list of the certain item.

Name Data Type Description
Item item returns items with the file field filled with the data of the created file

Additional Output Sockets

There are no settings to add any additional output sockets.


Create Files node has only one block of settings that configures destination of the file.

Default settings of create files node

Name Description
Dest Application allows to select the application where file will be saved; details...
Field for file allows to select the destination application; details...
File types allows to select the type of file that will be transmitted to the node; details...
Notes allows to leave some notes in node settings; details...

Dest Application

This is the application where the created file will be created saved.

Field For File

This is the destination field where the created file will be saved.

File Types

The current function allows you to select the type of file that can be transmitted to the node:

  • base64
  • URL


This is an option in the node settings that allows you to leave any notes there.