Automation Nodes

Item Destructor

Item Destructor is a node that allows to take items apart. That allows user to use any data from item. There the default data that are available:

  • Items
  • Item Ref
  • Item ID
  • App ID

Besides those, you can pull data from any field of an item.

The node consists of setting button, delete button, input and output default sockets.

Item destructor node with additional output socket

The new sockets are for the value of the selected field of the application. They are located under the last slot by default.


According to the name of the node, the destructor accepts items of the selected application. For this reason, there could not be added any other sockets.

Default Input Sockets

This node has only one input socket.

Name Data Type Description
Items item socket that accepts any items

Additional Input Sockets

There are no setting to add an additional input sockets in this node.


Unlike inputs, the item destructor has many output sockets.By default, there are four outputs, and using the node settings, new outputs can be added.

Default Output Sockets

The default sockets are named according to the data they return.

Name Data Type Description
Items item returns items that can be updated or not
Item Ref value returns reference of the certain item from the selected application
Item Id value returns the ID of the element that is passed to the node
App Id value returns ID of the application where the items is located

Additional Output Sockets

The item destructor settings allows to create a new output sockets that allows to output the values of the certain fields.


The current node has two groups of settings.

Default Settings

The default settings of the node mostly configures the source data.

Default settings of item destructor

Name Description
Application allows to select the source application; details...
Notes allows to note something in settings; details...


This is an application whose elements will be taken apart.


This function is designed to note the important things. For example, you can note destination of this node.

Value Outputs

This group of settings that allows to configure the node outputs.

Value output settings of item destructor

Name Description
Field allows to select the source field; details...
Field Name allows to enter the name of the field; details...
Edit allows to edit or delete the option of output; details...


This is the field from which data will be pulled.

Field Name

This is the name of the value that is entered by user.


This column contains two buttons that allows to edit or delete the option.