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Automation Nodes

Object Constructor

Object Constructor is a node that allows you to automatically assemble an object from various transmitted data.

Object constructor node


The current node has one default node and settings for adding additional input sockets.

Default Input Sockets

The default socket accepts data of main object. It is the mandatory socket that accepts data of the HTTP request.

Name Data Type Description
Object object accepts the object for the construction of a new

Additional Input Sockets

All additional sockets are created to fill the object with some data. The type of socket can be selected in Value Input settings. They can also have an arbitrary name.

Name Data Type Description
Value value accepts values for new object
Item item accepts items for new objects
Additional Object object accepts object for generating a new object


The current node has only one output socket.

Default Output Sockets

A single output socket by default returns the created object and allows it to be passed to the following nodes.

Name Data Type Description
Object object transfers the newly created object

Additional Output Sockets

The additional output sockets cannot be added to this node.


The single block of node settings is designed to add properties to the future object. Also, a corresponding input socket will be created for each new property.

Settings of value input of object constructor

Name Description
Property Name allows to enter the name of the property that will be displayed in the result object; details...
Type allows to select the type of the property; details...
Input Socket Name allows to enter the name of the property socket; details...
Edit allows to edit or delete the property; details...
Notes allows to leave notes in the node settings; details...

Property Name

This is the name of the property that will be used in the result object.


This is the function that allows to select the type of the property. This function also defines the type of socket that will receive value of the property. There are three existing types:

  • Value
  • Item
  • Object

Input Socket Name

This is the name of the input node that accepts property values from other nodes.


This is the column that contains two buttons for each of properties. One of them allows you to edit the property, and the other - to delete it.


This field is used to leave any notes in the node settings.