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Understanding Gudhub

File List

There are many different blocks that are aimed at loading files. Their data do not save in items_list. There is a separated array for that called file_list. In this chapter we will see what data about files is used in the application.

For each loaded file will be saved all needed data about it.

Name Type Description
app_id number due to this property, file is saved in the application folder
extention string saves file extension; used in generating a new name
file_id number saves generated by the server identification number for file
file_name string initial file name saves in this property; in the future, it is not used since a new name is generated
item_id number shows which item this file belongs to
last_update number shows last time of file update in milliseconds
url string shows path to the file on the server

Name Generation

At first, server generates an identification number for file. Then server merges it with the extension and saves as a new file name.

Saving Files On The Server

Let’s look at url. It consists of three parts:


Base URL: https://gudhub.com/userdata/

Application ID: 26503

File name created by the server: 872421.jpg