Understanding Gudhub

Apps List

GudHub users can create and get access to shared applications. All of them, including shared ones, are contained in apps_list. And due to this, they are displayed on the main page. When you start working with GudHub, apps_list is empty, and as you've already figured out, it starts filling up when you create applications or someone shared it with you.

apps_list has almost the same properties as application. Except for all arrays, they are empty.

Name Type Description
app_id number unique identification in the system
app_name string application name
field_list array this array contains all data type models
file_list array this array contains data about files loaded into the application
icon object contains your applications icon information
items_list array this array is information storage
last_update number shows last time of update in milliseconds
permission number shows the kind of access you have
priority number position in the list
privacy number shows application is public or not
show boolean shows object is visible in list or not
trash boolean shows application is deleted or not
view_init number shows which view do we use to enter
views_list array this object array contains information about all program views


Thanks to this property, it is possible to hide your application. Users can customize it.


There is one more thing available to users. The function called publish allows them to open access to their application. That means everyone would see a public app without login and password.