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This is a documentation for websites developing on our own SSR/SSG technology. Also, here you can find info for technology itself improvements.

How it's work

It's based on native web components and puppeteer library. Basically, we just start a page on server with puppeteer (which is just headless chrome), preparing sources (images e.x), waiting for all components to resolve and cache ready HTML. Then, we just send this cached HTML documents to user on request.

N.B. For better experience, you should use it in a pair with GudHub.

Parts of technology

For now, it consists of 3 parts:

  1. GUDHUB SSR/SSG Server. Responsive for server side rendering, sources preparing, caching and cache serving.
  2. GH Component. GHComponent is using for all other components creation. Every component should be inherited from GHComponent.
  3. Website. Website itself. Here you can find info about website configuration.